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Iron Capture / Materialistic

The Iron Capture & Materialistic Line combine hand-engraved drawings on rusted industrial steel, contemporary photography, cast vinyl print, car/spray paint, crayons, raw (used) materials and minimalistic design; sometimes with a touch of poetry, occasionally with some gold.

The resulting works are mixed media items, industrial furniture and design specials with a surprising combination of raw decay and glossy surfaces. The objects are also a tribute to craftsmanship of Shiva Rimal’s native land Nepal. Contrast of materials embodies the contrast between worlds and is therefore a reference to his life.




Iron Capture







Materialistic Line







The replicas are made with a photo print of the artwork of an Iron Capture or Materialistic line. The Photographic item is then attached to a dibond plate and protected with a printed cover. For furniture the print cover is a layer of endurable transparent polycarbonate. This layer makes the object suitable for everyday use. Replicas come in an edition of 20, each numbered separately. This goes for both the Iron Capture as the Materialistic Line.