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About Shiva

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Shiva Rimal
Write with a “v”, pronounce with a “b”; Shiva. Born in Nepal, adopted, raised near Amsterdam and still in touch with his roots; combining has been an essential part of Shiva Rimal’s life. Shiva tries to comprehend what makes things beautiful. It’s a journey where borders between 2 and 3 dimensional design are less important. This way material, color, light, craftsmanship, industrial design and the love for words are all combined into a variety of projects.


Up to graduation Shiva combined his study Industrial Product Design at the University of The Hague with his own label for interior, exhibition and cross-media design. Clients include international organizations such as World Press Photo, KPN, BAM, Urbain Trade, Nescafe, Meijer, Plan, Einhaus and many more. The invaluable experience gained from working for these organizations allowed Shiva Rimal to experiment with various techniques and materials. In 2005 this resulted in his signature art style; The Iron Capture & Materialistic Line.

Projects & Exhibitions
Shiva Rimal’s art and design projects have been showcased in cities across five continents, including; Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, Moscow, Lisbon, Luanda, Tokyo, Sydney and at the United Nations headquarters in New York.