Shiva Rimal

Write with a “v”, pronounce with a “b”; Shiva. Born in Nepal, adopted, raised near Amsterdam and still in touch with his roots; combining has been an essential part of Shiva Rimal’s life. Shiva tries to comprehend what makes things beautiful. It’s a journey where borders between 2 and 3 dimensional design are less important. This way material, color, light, craftsmanship, industrial design and the love for words are all combined into a variety of projects.

Clients include World Press Photo, KPN, BAM, Urbain Trade, Nescafe, Meijer, Plan, Einhaus and many more. In 2005 Shiva introduced his signature art style; The Iron Capture & Materialistic Line.

Projects & Exhibitions
After his study Industrial Product Design at the University of The Hague Shiva Rimal’s art and design projects have been showcased in cities across five continents, including; Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, Moscow, Lisbon, Luanda, Tokyo, Sydney and at the United Nations headquarters in New York..


The Iron Capture & Materialistic Line combine hand-engraved drawings on rusted industrial steel, contemporary photography, cast vinyl print, car/spray paint, crayons, raw (used) materials and minimalistic design; sometimes with a touch of poetry, occasionally with some gold.

Materialistic Line

The resulting works are mixed media items, industrial furniture and design specials with a surprising combination of raw decay and glossy surfaces. The objects are also a tribute to craftsmanship of Shiva Rimal’s native land Nepal. Contrast of materials embodies the contrast between worlds and is therefore a reference to his life.