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Urban Tree for Urbain Trade

Design and realization showroom Urbain Trade Amsterdam. Eye catcher is the Urban Tree Wall which highlights two luxury machines and devides the space while keeping the openness of the showroom.








Taste the Art at UITERMEER



Taste the Art at UITERMEER
Combined exhibition of arts and crafts









Ending Corporate label




18 years ago, during my studies Industrial Product Design, together with a good friend I started a business in internet applications and design. After two years we decided to part our ways as friends and I turned the business into a design label for exhibition, interior and concept development… and some art… several websites (50+)… sometimes a short movie… Ok, once in a while corporate identities, a theatre play and a few designs for a fleet of cars, but the focus was on spatial design for exhibitions, interior and creative concepts.

Now it is time for change and I am ending Atelier Rimal’s design business. At this moment I cannot expand my label anymore because it is hard to juggle all the different areas on my own. I want to thank my clients, supporters and family for helping me in beautiful as well as in hard times. Without you I would not have gained the invaluable experiences and portfolio I have today. I have done everything I wanted to do and more. My art & design have been on 5 continents, around 15 countries, over 80 locations for more than 300 projects. My portfolio holds, next to my signature art with metal, rust and photography, mainly spatial and exhibition design projects for small businesses and multinationals. From 2000 up to this year and month I have had the opportunity to work on beautiful inspiring projects for high end clients. My art will continue, because I know sometimes faith is torment and without expression in word and visuals I am not the person I want to be; meaning I need to create art from time to time and you are still always welcome to see my creations.





So what’s next

I hope to find a creative team where I can be a partner or employee, but I could also fit in as an assistant, adviser, designer, mentor, concept developer, graduation supervisor for design students, project manager for non-profit organisations in aid relief or something else inspiring and/or for a good cause. Time will tell what comes on my path, but I know I bring a lot of joy, creativity, experience and eagerness to the table for (design) projects. I’m ready.

In a series of posts with short movies and images I will show my work as designer throughout the years. Some I have posted earlier, some are new. I take you on a journey with my art, photography, interior design, exhibitions, showrooms, trade shows, corporate identities, and artistic creativity. In each field I have designed and managed smaller and bigger projects; from the first sketch to the final result and anything in between. After seeing these snippets of my work, maybe you would like to introduce me to people. If so, do not hesitate to contact me, because I am looking for a new position in a team of creative minds.

First thing I want to show is a short movie I always use to introduce myself to new people. It’s brief, precise and shows some of the things I have done.

Cheers to the future!







Now let me reintroduce myself…








Pacifistic Diaspora & Usqueaugh go on a tour to Paris for a private show to explore opportunities.





Rarri for a Dream in Moscow



After Australia and the Netherlands the first international transport is to introduce the art form to people in Russia, starting with Moscow. Just realizing with a lot of experience I’m still new to this…







Time in Transition exhibition


August 2015 – Brinkhuis Laren

Time in Transition is an overview exhibition with items combining 10 years of experimenting with engraved drawings and texts on rusted industrial steel, photography, car- and spray-paint, charcoal, crayons, clear varnish and minimalistic design; sometimes with a touch of poetry, occasionally with some gold

Fragrances, colors, sounds and textures; shapes, food and other aspects of the world are perceived through more than one sense. Time is one of the things which is not associated with one particular sense. We notice the passing of it through the changing pattern of our thought. And by seeing materials transform we notice time through the perception of other things. This perception is the focus in the rusted art by Shiva Rimal.

Rust, prints, technique, inspiration; everything needs time. Sometimes the transition is a short process, other times it is fluid. If rust isn’t handled well it stays forever in transition, making it a beautiful material to experiment with. The production of the Iron Capture Items and Materialistic Objects was in my transition time in between business projects. Now I find myself in transit for other things. Knowing change is coming, but the invaluable experience gained with my Time in Art-Transition enables me to create new items and objects in the years to come.






15 Years Art | Design | Creativity


2015 is the year Shiva Rimal celebrates 15 years Art | Design | Creativity. The short movie takes you from the heydays of artistic concepts, Flash websites, short art movies and industrial design to interior and exhibition projects for World Press Photo, KPN, Plan, Einhaus and many more. In about 5 minutes the story goes around the world highlighting some of the creative work of Shiva Rimal.

After the invaluable experience gained from working on all these beautiful projects it may be time to move on to a new chapter. The coming 15 years could be in a different direction, but whatever happens, Glass to the past 15, tip my hat to what is coming and may we encounter each other in one of the next 15 years.


For HD playback; please follow the V inside the movie frame to go to Vimeo.





We blossom






Dutch landscapes & places