As an independent industrial artist working with rust, photography and minimalistic design Rimal has over 15 years of experience in multi-dimensional Art & Design. Throughout the years numerous objects and concept were created for various purposes; Here are some highlights and media moments to look back on.



Creativity Starting Point


Here is an introduction to my art, inspirations and craftsmanship I developed in a period of 10 years. The Iron Capture and Materialistic line are there because it incorporates the elements which played a big role in my life.





2017 recap by Rimal





Interior Design

Short movie showcasing spatial design projects I realised for various clients highlighting private residences and corporate spaces including both conceptual and completed projects.






Iron Capture & Materialistic Line


Short movie highlighting some of my art and exhibitions.





2016 Recap






Nepal-Dunche-Gosaikunda 4380m.




Art&Design Exhibitions

Next to my art, or is it I do art next to my design work… doesn’t matter; I design also interiors, exhibitions and corporate identity for various companies and organizations.

In a series of short movies different design disciplines are highlighted and visualize what I do in these areas. Here is the Exhibition Design overview with some of my past and present work.






2015 Recap





New York






Now let me reintroduce myself...





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