We create to express and some of our expressions need to be seen or heard in any shape or form. Most likely when one makes visually intriguing items and objects exhibitons are bound to happen. Here are some for the Iron Caprure and materilistic line.






Issues & Objects


“Issues” gives a unique insight into Rimal’s feelings about his Nepali heritage and western upbringing. Engraved thoughts take you on a lyrical journey expressing emotions and personal views on adoption, pain, hope and life in general. At the same time the photography emphasizes the message by projecting an image that could have been the starting point for the text or the other way around.

“Objects” is an ongoing search to create timeless work portraying products and items that surround our daily life. Glossy photographs are balanced by raw drawings in rust, maybe to demonstrate that objects and life are perishable, or just to enjoy the combination of rust and photography….


Issues & Objects Weesp





The First Train Home – (Aus)


After meeting in The Netherlands, Sean Davey and Shiva Rimal combined their artistic pursuits to produce multi-dimensional installation artworks that incorporate black and white photography with engraved thoughts on industrial steel. Alongside Davey’s fine hand printed photographs, six combined works were presented in different stages of oxidization. The rusted steel produced diverse colours, from polished dark grays to scratched, burnt oranges and browns; the latter reminiscent of a drought stricken, dusty outback landscape. The resulting works are unique and raw. This collaboration between a visual and an industrial artist, whose outlooks on life and art transcend their own chosen mediums, culminated in a thought provoking and visually intriguing exhibition in Canberra Australia.


The First Train Home Australia 






More Than Design


Shiva Rimal presented the Iron Capture series in a contemporary exhibition in the beautiful city of Weesp. The exhibition was held on 2 locations; Men fashion store ONGERS and frame store NIES FEENSTRA.





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