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Tibetan Mantra in Kathmandu

maandag, september 16th, 2013


Dimensions: 1000 x 800 mm

Mixed media; hand engraved drawing on rusted industrial steel, cast vinyl print with glossy print cover, crayons and car paint – Dimensions: 800 x 1000 mm.

Tibetan prayer wheels (called Mani wheels by the Tibetans) are devices for spreading spiritual blessings and well being. These devices ar made out of rolls of thin paper, imprinted with many copies of the mantra (prayer) Om Mani Padme Hum, which are printed in an ancient Indian or Tibetan script. The  rolls are wound around an axle in a protective container, and spun around and around to activate the mantra.





Rarri for a dream

woensdag, juli 31st, 2013


Diemensions: 1250 x 1250 mm

Engraved Text

Let’s reenact the ending scene where everything goes blurry, a theme nobody’s thirsty to meet too early. But heaven’s got a gate so pearly it makes many quiver, mind boggling questions delivered; was it lackluster or glam and glitter? Earthly things vs staying true to your beliefs by any means, as meanings differ. Some go with less, others have to take their corners drifting, shifting till top gear is positioned. Some envision society as simple living without anything to reach for, either way we’re between Scylla and Charybdis; Requiem for a dream scenario where reality is a fixed vessel in a world of delusion only to be loosened by not thinking rational. And we could be voluntarily in this hypnotic commercial state where more can’t be lesser than golden sagas, as corporate pressure hold simple minds for ransom by numerous materialistic mirages, overwhelming like sand in the Sahara. Immensity of nature bringing balance back to karma. In the end acknowledging some conquer their hills by foot, while others use their fleet of luxury; temporary platinum armada……



Materials & technique

Hand engraved drawings on rusted industrial steel, cast vinyl print, car & spray paint, crayons, clear varnish and gold leaves.





NYC – LaneFire

maandag, juli 22nd, 2013


Dimensions: 600 x 1200 mm.






vrijdag, maart 1st, 2013


Dimensions: 1000 x 1000 mm



Life lessons from a golden jar as work is in progress, shiny on the outside, but not completely flawless. Cause ever since we learned to walk like Johnnie Walker spirits are part of our folklore for in each and every one of us is a warzone to conquer. So we start stalking others to compensate we have to acknowledge our own life is bonkers. Wondering who’s filled with honor and who’s a clunker in this rat race only the misplaced know lyrics are for the weary-soft-hearted, true music for sullen souls. Poems to feed the mind where sore thoughts might open doors like doorknobs to emotions never sought. Realizing time clocks every minute of your walk. So while these golden drops take you back and forth between reality and make believe it all seems so feasible, especially when life is accompanied by music, poems and some Chivas Regal……






Troubled Landscapes

vrijdag, maart 1st, 2013


Dimensions: 1500 x 500 mm





Royal Pond

maandag, april 14th, 2014


Dimensions: 1602 x 1000 mm





BoyzToyz Series

vrijdag, maart 1st, 2013


3 items, afmetingen: 510 x 510 mm

‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”

Pable Picasso (1881 -1973)






Cora Berliner Straße

maandag, april 14th, 2014


Dimensions: 500 x 895 mm





Abstract Travels item

maandag, april 14th, 2014


Dimensions: 1000 x 600 mm

Abstract Travels

Nationality is a geographically determined mind state, while one’s heritage takes you across borders and landscapes touching dust of ancestors who would shed a tear or two knowing their future offspring would travel west to meet destiny as part of a chosen few. Now what are we supposed to do but to cruise the world in search of our roots to be able to fuse soul food to cater some thoughts. And in this quest individuals get lost and hearts are won by showing fearless presence. Therefore in full awareness each and every day I count my tears and blessings. Became lessons and laws to live by knowing without the essential fire, sparks in our eyes would die a slow death. So while some find the best life has to offer in materialistic gestures, I just try to leave impressions with the right amount of measurements, enabling ideas to blend with sanity, treasuring the path we took to find comfort in a day to day reality…..





Crowd Controlled

vrijdag, maart 1st, 2013



Dimensions: 750 x 500 mm