Abstract Travels item


Dimensions: 1000 x 600 mm

Abstract Travels

Nationality is a geographically determined mind state, while one’s heritage takes you across borders and landscapes touching dust of ancestors who would shed a tear or two knowing their future offspring would travel west to meet destiny as part of a chosen few. Now what are we supposed to do but to cruise the world in search of our roots to be able to fuse soul food to cater some thoughts. And in this quest individuals get lost and hearts are won by showing fearless presence. Therefore in full awareness each and every day I count my tears and blessings. Became lessons and laws to live by knowing without the essential fire, sparks in our eyes would die a slow death. So while some find the best life has to offer in materialistic gestures, I just try to leave impressions with the right amount of measurements, enabling ideas to blend with sanity, treasuring the path we took to find comfort in a day to day reality…..