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2017 recap by Rimal





World Press Photo VisualTriad


Traveling LED exhibiton system for digital storytelling and presentations. First stop: Paris






Standing Vista

Interior Design object for showroom and office to highlight special product.





DesignBlend KPN/Gement

From 2007 onwards Shiva developed various design projects for KPN/Gemnet, which is The Nederland’s largest mobile digital provider. On top of design and realization of the corporate movie of Gemnet Shiva won an open tender in 2009 with a design and development plan for their annual trade show. In the process he took on Van Laarhoven Design; one of Europe’s largest stand designers.





World Press Photo Telling Table

The good people over at World Press Photo needed a 6 meter table to present their digital storytelling screens for the international World Press Photo exhibition. After a short design process we realized the table in the New Church in Amsterdam.

Design: Shiva Rimal/Atelier Rimal
Production: Dimidesign





Urban Tree for Urbain Trade

Design and realization showroom Urbain Trade Amsterdam. Eye catcher is the Urban Tree Wall which highlights two luxury machines and devides the space while keeping the openness of the showroom.








Pacifistic Diaspora cabinet


The Pacifistic Diaspora Art & Design cabinet uses transparent epoxy to cover the artwork and to make it suitable for daily use. Furthermore the epoxy makes colors more vibrant and adds an extra dimension for the eye. Altogether it took some time experimenting, but the final result is really something to be proud of.



Pacifistic Diaspora is made from scaffolding wood, hand engraved drawing on rusted industrial steel, car- and spray-paint, cast vinyl print, gold leaves and transparent epoxy.





Beautiful Strange World





World Press Photo


World Press Photo is known for organizing the world largest and most prestigious photo contest for professional photojournalists. World Press Photo is run as an independent, non-profit organization with its office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where World Press Photo was founded in 1955.

From 2003 onwards Shiva Rimal designed various exhibition systems, interiors and exhibition content for World Press Photo including seven short art movies for the annual photo festival of Arles in southern France. The BESA Alucard system was featured in the traveling exhibition which went to Europe, Africa and the United Nations Headquarters in New York.








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