World Press Photo (Amsterdam)
Design various exhibition systems,
interiors, presentations, short movies

KPN/Gemnet (The Hague)
Design various Trade shows,
presentations, short movies

Einhaus (Borken Germany)
Showroom, Facade, websites

Urbain Trade (Amsterdam)
Logo, Showroom, Furniture,
Business cards, Car artwork

IPA BV (Bussum)
Website, Front desk,
Banners, Artwork

Numerous websites for various companies,
organizations, individuals and artists

Pronkjuweel (Weesp)
Websites, Trucks, Van

Shioda (Hilversum)
Logo, Cards, Website

Meijer (PC Hooftstraat, Amsterdam)
Websites, Commercials, Advertisements

Mastervolt (Amsterdam)
Mobile Presentation Unit,
Website, CUBE, Trade Shows

Nescafé (Amsterdam)
8 Meter Print Wall,
4 Presentation desks

Uncooked Design (Amsterdam)
Logo, Cards, Workplace
Website, Flyer, Books

Proplus (Weesp)
Interiors, Trade Shows, Website
Dimensional presentation

Aequator (Switzerland)
Art for exclusive coffee machines
by Shiva Rimal

Urbain Trade (Amsterdam)
Art for fleet of business cars

REX International (Weesp)
Advertisement & flyers

Arcadis (Amsterdam)
Online application for governmental use

Theatre play (Leiden)
Story about media and manipulation
with digital and real time interaction





Nowadays it’s key to find a genuine balance between ancient art forms and modern day digital techniques. Almost anything is possible, but not everything is to be desired. DesignBlend oversees all these options and combines them into beautiful concepts. When required it’s also about collaboration and attracting the right professionals with expertise. It is the passion, creativity and vision with which the designer creates the best concepts, regardless of product, purpose or location. This way numerous projects have been fullfilled including private and corporate interiors, stands, furniture, over 60 websites, advertisements in magazines, artwork for fleet of cars, commercials for local and national broadcasting, a theatre play and creative corporate identities.

• Corporate & Visual ID
• Artwork for company cars, boats & specials
• Folders, business cards & stationery
• Integration of corporate style and spatial presentation
• Decoration building / office / house



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