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Design and production label of industrial designer and artist Shiva Rimal. In a constantly changing world design is interdisciplinary; from two- to three-dimensional and static to dynamic. Rimal is specializesd in mixing disciplines and styles. This DesignBlend results in the best concepts, visions and formats for companies and organizations, from the first sketch to the final product. Our network reflects the diversity of design with specialists ranging from material workers to digital technicians, text writers and photographic storytellers. This way we create cultural exhibitions, surprising interiors, showrooms, foyers, restaurants, stands and unique handmade furniture.

Occasionally a side-step to (re)design of corporate identities, websites and short movies can be found in this portfolio. The main focus though is on exclusive design solutions for both permanent and temporary interior design and original corporate identities with a timeless-chic to raw-industrial interpretation.

Shiva Rimal

Born in Nepal, adopted, raised near Amsterdam and still in touch with his roots; combining has been an essential part of Rimal’s life. Shiva tries to comprehend what makes things beautiful. It’s a journey where borders between 2 and 3 dimensional design are less important. This way material, color, light, craftsmanship, industrial design and the love for words are all combined into a variety of projects.


Design Atelier
Flevolaan 58
1382 JZ, Weesp
The Netherlands

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