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A timeless online video starts by understanding the story to be told. We need conversations for this. Rimal advises, shares experiences and offers solutions because we know the right tone is important to get a message across. And since we are used to combining styles and dimensions, every video will be both creative and informative. It goes without saying this is tailor-made. The focus is on online video; Short, concise and attractive, but above all made with attention. Viewers will immediately recognize this. With some exceptions, the message should be clear within one to two and a half minutes.

Rimal produces the entire project with mood/storyboards, planning, film recordings, music/sound integration and editing of the complete video.

Research shows website visitors have more confidence in a brand or company after watching a professional corporate movie. Furthermore, it is clear consumers will spend more time on more devices with more focus on online video. This consumption will only increase. Rimal has been providing short film productions for various organizations since 1999. Feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you.



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KPN/Gemnet corporate movie



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