Exhibition | Interior | Mixed-Media

Exhibition & Interior Design

Nescafé (Amsterdam)
8 Meter Print Wall,
4 Presentation desks

Film & Photography

Urbain Trade (Amsterdam)
Logo, Showroom, Furniture,
Business Cards, Artwork Cars

House of Rimal (Weesp/Amsterdam)
Videoclips, YouTube, Concepts

Pineta Estate (Breda)
Artist Impression & Interior Design

World Press Photo (Amsterdam)
Design various exhibition systems,
interiors, presentations, short movies

Atta de Tolk (Dordrecht/Haarlem)
Website, Photography & Concepts

KPN/GEMNET (The Hague/Rotterdam)
Trade Shows, Mixed-Media, Specials, Movie, Concepts

Uncooked Design (Amsterdam)
Cards, Interior Design, Logo
Website, Flyer, Books

Cale/Redora (Woerden)
Modular Desk, Specials, Trade Shows

Pronkjuweel (Weesp)
Trucks, Van, Websites

Einhaus (Borken Germany)
Facade, Websites, Showroom, Mixed-Media

Shioda (Hilversum)
Logo, Cards, Website

REX International (Weesp/Amsterdam)
Advertisement & Showroom Concept

House of Rimal (Weesp/Amsterdam)
YouTube, Photography, Video, Concepts

Van Waarden Photo (Canada)
Art, Exhibition Design, Outdoor Concept

Mastervolt (Amsterdam)
Mobile Presentation Unit,
Website, CUBE, Trade Shows

Theatre play (Leiden)
Story about media and manipulation
with digital and real time interaction

Urbain Trade (Amsterdam)
Art for fleet of business cars

IPA BV (Bussum)
Website, Front desk, Banners, Artwork

Numerous websites for various projects

Proplus (Weesp)
Interior, Trade Shows, Website
Dimensional presentation

Aequator (Switzerland)
Art&Design coffee machines

Meijer (PC Hooftstraat, Amsterdam)
Commercials, Advertisement, Websites

Arcadis (Amsterdam)
3D Visualisation, Mixed-Media




DesignBlend by Rimal

Your story is told by your words...your actions…your artwork, images, movies, products...But also placement of objects, use of space and routing. The way all these elements interact with each other makes stories more, or less, intriguing, informative…or fun… Or all of the aforementioned.

With over 20 years of experience in various design disciplines, Rimal developed a personal, distinctive mix of art, design and creativity. And because our team makes and exhibits art and design ourselves, we have a deep understanding of cultural exhibitions, commercial showrooms, trade shows and the dynamics of digital design and short online movies. Rimal offers exclusive concepts for spatial design and business presentations for both permanent and temporary purposes. From the first sketch up to and including delivery it is a clear process. The style ranges from timeless-chic to raw-industrial with a combination of natural, tangible materials and complementary mix of image and sound.

Clients include World Press Photo, KPN, BAM, Nescafé, PLAN, Mastervolt, Cale, Einhaus, SCA and numerous other organizations. Rimal’s art & design projects have been showcased in cities across five continents including; Amsterdam, Paris, München, Moscow, Lisbon, Luanda, Tokyo, Sydney and at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.



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