Replica Too Eccentric

Replica print on dibond with print cover  – 890 x 1000 mm.


Printing     Cover


Delivery time in The Netherlands: 2 – 3 weeks



Engraved Text:

Might be over sensitive, heavenly influenced by this timeframe in which we live. In a split second it’s over and nothing stops, everything is hectic and we’re all sorry for lacking time to get involved. Next frame; problem solved.

A little later all is forgotten and new issues appear, rather reappear, cause maybe we’ve seen it before, but don’t see things as clear as we should.

So maybe we could live a slow life, contemplating ones accomplishments to learn there’s still a whole world to stumble on where heroic tales are told over and again to eccentric sons of men. Realizing I might be one of them…




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Afmetingen 890 × 1000 cm