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Engraved text:

Life lessons from a golden jar as work is in progress,
shiny on the outside, but not completely flawless.
Cause ever since we learned to walk like Johnnie Walker
spirits are part of our folklore for in each and every one of us
is a warzone to conquer. So we start stalking others
to compensate we have to acknowledge our own life is bonkers.
Wondering who’s filled with honor and who’s a clunker in this rat race
only the misplaced know lyrics are for the weary-soft-hearted,
true music for sullen souls. Poems to feed the mind
where sore thoughts might open doors like doorknobs
to emotions never sought. Realizing time clocks every
minute of your walk. So while these golden drops
take you back and forth between reality and make believe
it all seems so feasible, especially when life is accompanied
by music, poems and some Chivas Regal……




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