Climate Oxide Icebergs

Iron Capture Item –   1000 x 670 mm.


Materials & Technique
Engraved drawings on rusted industrial steel, cast vinyl print with mat printcover, charcoal, chalk, crayons and clear varnish.




Delivery time in The Netherlands: 7 – 10 business days



Icebergs, Eastern Greenland
In September 2012, the amount of Arctic sea ice hit an all-time low. It destroyed the previous record (2007) by approximately the size of Texas. In the average lifetime of the artists of Climate Oxide (32 years), the summer sea ice extent has reduced by more than half.
Many scientific models are now predicting an ice-free summer in the Arctic around 2030. The worst-case scenarios
predict an ice-free 2015 summer. A world that doesn’t have ice in the North might not be that far away.
There are many side-effects of a melting Arctic. One is an increase in severe weather patterns around the world. The warmer Arctic causes a sluggish jet stream, which may form ‘blocking’ weather patterns at lower latitudes, Blocking weather patterns were responsible for the west-Russian heat wave in 2010, which killed an estimated 55,000 people.
On our small blue planet, our personal and collective actions have consequences that will change the face of our world.
Icebergs are one part of our world which might not be there for future generations to see.




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