The items and objects are handmade Art & Design products. The objects are unique and are made as environmentally friendly as possible. Shiva Rimal makes all the original Art Items himself. For interior objects we work with a number of enthusiastic small suppliers, this way we try to work with nice people and beautiful materials. Most of our cabinets have been made on small scaled care farm in the province of Groningen and the prints are made by a high quality print company from Weesp.


Water and rust
Working with oxidization is comparable to other natural processes; it takes time and dedication. As fine woodworkers look for the right wood prints, with metal it’s about rust patterns; wild and colorful, or dark and burned. For whisky aging time is important to get the desired taste and color tones. With rust it takes a few months to obtain really soaked textures. Pricing is according to size, but also to aging time. The metal plates are usually ‘used’ or ‘left over’ plates, only if there is no residual material, we move to new materials. The plates are only rusted with simple tap water, there are no chemicals involved. The great advantage of the use of water is that it is environmentally friendly. For rust there is another advantage of using water and that is water brings more rust colors and patterns alive. The plates rust on average two months, some have been rusted for over 8 to 10 months.


Post production
When the artwork is finished, the plate is sprayed with clear lacquer and the hanging system can be attached. If necessary the plate is also ready to be connected to an interior object for which it is designed and there will be a layer of transparent epoxy put over the artwork. The Items and Objects are now ready for shipment.


The replicas are made with a photo print of the artwork of an Iron Capture or Materialistic line. The Photographic item is then attached to a dibond plate and protected with a printed cover. For furniture the print cover is a layer of endurable transparent polycarbonate. This layer makes the object suitable for everyday use. Replicas come in an edition of 20, each numbered separately. This goes for both the Iron Capture as the Materialistic Line.